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  1. The tenant(s) authorizes the Landlord to charge a $50.00 NSF fee for each failed direct withdrawal payment due to insufficient funds, in order to cover the admin/banking penalties.

  2. Tenant(s) agrees not to put up wallpaper, borders or stenciling in the swelling. The tenant may not paint or complete any structural modifications to the dwelling. If the tenant does so, cost to remove it and or fix it will be charged against the security deposit.

  3. No roomers, borders or additional occupants’ will be permitted without prior notification and authorization from the landlord in writing.

  4. The tenant(s) may not install/use a window or portable air-conditioner unit unless it has been approved by the landlord. When electricity is included in the rent, there will be an additional charge for these units.

  5. The tenant may not install/use a satellite dish.

  6. All units are rented as a NON SMOKING units. There is to be NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND within this unit at any time. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, cannabis and vaping.

  7. The tenant(s) agrees not to litter in/around the building. This includes cigarette butts. All rubbish must be disposed of properly.

  8. The tenant(s) agrees that the landlord shall issue a minimum charge of $250.00 for any bulk garbage, furniture or chattels that is left on the premises. 

  9. The tenant(s) agrees that the landlord shall issue a minimum charge of $200.00 to cover the cost of cleaning if the tenant(s) fails to clean the premises at move-out. The apartment should be left in the same condition as it was upon arrival.

  10. The tenant(s) acknowledges that he/she is responsible for acquiring his/her own tenant insurance and that this will not be provided by the landlord. Acquiring tenant insurance is strongly advised. The replacement of goods/chattels due to damage or relocation for any reason is not the responsibility of the landlord.

  11. The tenant(s) agrees to pay a $25.00 lockout fee anytime the landlord is required to provide access due to the tenants being locked out of their home between the hours of 8:00am-9:00pm.

  12. The tenant(s) agrees that the lockout fees occurring between 9:00pm-8:00am will be $75.00

  13. The tenant(s) agrees that smoke detectors are to remain in place and are operational. You must replace batteries as necessary, unless they are wired into an electrical circuitry. All fresh batteries are the tenants’ responsibility. Smoke detectors should be tested on a monthly basis. If there are any issues with the smoke detectors, it is your responsibility to notify the landlord immediately to have the issues corrected.

  14. The tenant(s) agrees that the landlord may, without notice, enter the premises in the event of an emergency EX: pipe breakage, water leaks, fire, etc.

  15. The tenant(s) agrees that the noise level in the premises shall be kept to a minimum at all times, particularly between the hours of 10:00 pm and 8:00 am, in respect to other tenants.

  16. The tenant agrees to a quarterly inspection of the premises. 24 hours notice will be given before each inspection.

  17. The tenant(s) agrees to keep their rental unit in good/clean condition.

  18. The tenant(s) agrees that all window coverings will be proper coverings. Flags, newspaper, trash bags or anything other, than curtains, blinds or shades shall be permitted.

  19. Where heat is included in the price of the rental, all windows are to remain close (within reason) during the cold months.

  20. Where snow removal is not provided by the landlord, the tenant must maintain a clear and safe access to the primary and secondary entry/exit and parking spot (if applicable).

  21. If the owner allows pets, all pets must be spayed/neutered and regularly tested for fleas.

  22. The tenant(s) agrees to clean up after any/all pets. No pet waste is to be left anywhere on the property.

  23. If barking becomes an issue, the tenant agrees to obtain an electronic bark collar and to use it regularly in order to avoid disrupting fellow tenants.

  24. The tenant(s) agree that all litter boxes or cages shall be kept clean so as to ensure that there are no pet odors in the unit and or common areas at all times.

  25. The tenant(s) agree that having pets in the dwelling is a privilege afforded to them and that privilege can and will be revoked any times if the rules are not followed.

  26. The tenant(s) agree that all common areas and all exits are to be left cleared and free of any debris that may impede access or exit in the event of an emergency. This includes, but is not limited to all footwear, toys, boxes, equipment, etc.

  27. The tenant(s) agrees that disputes of a personal nature must not affect the quality of life of neighbouring parties. Yelling, screaming, door slamming, etc. will not be tolerated.

  28. Absolutely no cultivation of cannabis plants is permitted in the unit or on the premises.

  29. The tenant(s) agrees and understands that all notices due upon the tenant(s) from the landlord will be served via electronic mail (EMAIL) where possible.

  30. The tenant(s) agrees to update Nessie’s Property Management immediately of any change in contact information example: phone numbers and email addresses. It is imperative that our information is up to date in the event of an emergency.

Rules & Regulations

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